Over the past few years, a Houstonian by the name of Dante Higgins set out to promote educational awareness, community uplifting , and family oriented events. It started as one man bringing consciousness to generosity and selflessness, to creating a movement in his community stamped “Good Forever”. This movement represented strength, determination, and togetherness. Good Forever is definitely more than just a catchy phrase and product line. It was established to elevate the less fortunate in times of recovery. Good Forever is here to remind us that even if we ourselves find life to be a struggle at times, coming together and still helping where we are able exposes the entire community to success.

So much service has already been provided on behalf of this movement and we look forward to what the future holds and challenges us to. Good Forever has sponsored Back to School drives, Toy Drives, providing meals to those in need, and much more. Our clothing and gear is intended to bring attention to small community needs, but our mission is to improve all people worldwide.

Become a part of the Good Forever community and join us in a positive venture that will in turn help our families.